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A look at

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Our ideas speak about you! - FRI Advertising

Creative Position Strategy.

Our ideas speak about you!

A brand can engage people and involve them in a purchasing experience when ideas and creativity evoke emotions. This engagement generates curiosity. Our approach is to create creative positioning that occupies a distinctive place in the target audience’s imagination, making the message functional and the brand memorable over time. Our creative work is based on an innovative vision of the world and its connections, transferring this vision to the target audience of our customers.

Creative Advertising Campaigns and Brand Strategies
Creative Advertising Campaigns and Brand Strategies

Brand essence.

Heart and soul of the people

We are guided by our daily experience, enabling us to support customers with dedication in building successful brands. A brand’s essence goes beyond the product experience; it’s the emotional and intangible elements that make it memorable. The personality of a brand includes its promise, vision, mission and values, shaping its distinctive characteristics. Design follows the visual representation of its attributes, guiding its evolution and natural transformation during its life cycle. We use new technologies to constantly monitor and measure the effectiveness of the brand in consumer perception.

Brand Identity - FRI Advertising

Brand identity.

Find your identity.

Developing your identity is an important and indispensable step. Giving a face to a figure that does not exist in the real world: face, character, personality and a suit is the first step in building a good Brand Identity, but this is not enough. One must also have a clear and effective communication strategy to make oneself recognizable and make one’s brand visible compared to others. An active, flexible and diversified process that adapts quickly to the life cycle of social changes in which playing in advance is the winning rule. Through our experience, ideas, creativity and a strategy geared towards differentiation and creative positioning, we can build the physical and psychological personality to make a valuable brand unique, credible and defensible over time.

Creative Advertising Campaigns and Brand Strategies
The awareness strategy
Creative Advertising Campaigns and Brand Strategies

Brand awareness.

The awareness strategy.

Standing out in a crowded market is the greatest modern challenge. Our goal is to increase and sustain brand awareness over time. To make a brand stand out, we have to anticipate social changes, continuously improve and strengthen its knowledge, ensure that more and more people come into contact with its products, and constantly sustain long-term relationships. Creativity and strategy are the cornerstones of our journey.

Brand experience.

Creating emotional journeys to evoke emotions and establish trustworthy relationships.

Sensory experience influences product choice through lasting emotions and memories. From Customer Experience to Brand Experience, a company’s competitive advantage lies in customer satisfaction and engagement. This centrality translates into creating a communication architecture based on the five senses, allowing people to experience the product. Using new technologies, we swiftly capture and assess emotional responses to interactions with the brand, physically or virtually, evaluating behaviors before, during, and after the experience.

Creative Advertising Campaigns and Brand Strategies
FRI Advertising
Creative Advertising Campaigns and Brand Strategies

Brand loyalty

Customer Lifetime Value.

We work in the real world to create dialogues in the virtual world. We monitor the market and listen to people everywhere. We analyze what works and what doesn’t. We pamper VIPs to generate purchase value. We work with ideas to find solutions, strategy to engage consumers, technology to maintain relationships, proactivity to stay in touch, and creativity to fill gaps.

Every day, every moment, close to the client.