In what we do and how we do it.
Our ideas speak about you.

In what we do and how we do it. Our ideas speak about you.

About Us

FRI COMMUNICATION is an independent agency founded in 1972. With offices in Florence and Milan, we offer an alternative in the Italian agency landscape. Thanks to the trust of our clients and our results-oriented approach, we work with some of the leading international brands.

Time tells the story of our journey. Experience opens new paths.

40 years of history, passion, ideas, and results.

Every day, every moment close to the client.

Profie - FRI Agency


  • Agency - Profile

    We want to be assessed by our results, not just the completion of work.

  • Agency - Profile

    Attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection define us.

  • Agency - Profile

    We approach projects with a culture of knowledge, demanding high standards and leaving nothing to chance.


We listen to our customers’ needs, advise them, guide them and turn every input into creative ideas and concrete results. Perseverance drives us to find solutions that excite and capture attention, and to communicate in a different way every time because people are not all the same. Our mission is to create and tell memorable stories that last over time and merge with the collective imagination. Achieving the client’s goals is the light that guides us on our journey and fuels our passion. With our ideas we want to speak about brands, with our creativity we shape the impossible.

Philosophy - FRI Agency


  • FRI Philosophy

    We don’t offer services but value-driven projects that impact the clients’ brands and businesses.

  • FRI Philosophy

    We aim to be their first choice and a benchmark for style, ideas, and creativity.

  • FRI Philosophy

    We anticipate trends to win the market challenge and provide clients a compass to navigate the communication world.

Certificazione Internazionale

International Certification

Where ideas are born!

A protected environment to foster ideas, creativity, experimentation and corporate sustainability. A working model that guides and accompanies us into the future. Our behavior and values help to extinguish the flames of the fast-moving world and sensitivity clears the space of our time to deliver a better world to the people of tomorrow. FRI COMMUNICATION, a modern agency that aims to maintain its economic, social and environmental success over time, without compromising resources and long-term balance, has been awarded the Bronze Medal by EcoVadis worldwide. Thanks to its excellent sustainability scores, the agency was among the 35% of companies evaluated with the best scores in the last 12 months. Today, FRI is a new role model for agencies that are attentive and sensitive to the issues of the globalized world.

Certificazione Internazionale
Code Of Ethics - FRI Agency

Code Of Ethics

Transparency defines us

Our behavioral principles guide our business activities. Intellectual honesty, transparency, fairness, and professionalism are key to working together. Social and moral ethics are a set of rules that the company embraces, which everyone aligning with FRI’s style must follow. The corporate code of ethics outlines the rights and duties of both employees and employers. This essential document establishes principles that are not legally binding, but which establish customs and behavior in FRI Communication.

FRI Excellence Award

Excellence Award

Excellence Key Award 2021

With over 40 years of history, FRI is a leader in innovation serving companies in Italy and internationally. In recent years it has perfected its communication model, making it increasingly innovative, digital, interactive, and above all experiential for the consumer. Its vision and ability to anticipate trends and understand before others the needs for change in the competitive context through a style oriented towards emotional communication have contributed to designing alternative and valuable paths for its clients, transforming the management of communication and creativity into a true strategic asset for the growth in value of brands.

FRI Excellence Award