Our history, experience, philosophy and style distinguish us and take us to new heights.
We start each day with a desire to go beyond the ordinary and the passion needed to generate new ideas. This drives us forward in the world of advertising.


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We listen to our clients’ needs. We offer them advice and guidance. We transform every input into ideas and results. We are driven to capture the attention of even the most distracted member of your audience with gripping and engaging concepts. Our journey is fuelled by a passion for creating and telling
brand stories that stand the test of time and take root in
the collective imagination. Our goals are constantly shifting, and our clients’ objectives are our guiding light, something we hold very dear. Knowledge, personal growth, and a keen awareness…
what you create today is old tomorrow: this is the challenge of boundless creativity. Teamwork and the insight to be the best on a personal level and in the marketplace gives us the motivation to overcome any challenge. We believe in the constant evolution of communication, because every consumer is different.Our ideas give a voice to our clients, and our creativity
gives form to what may seem impossible.

Pioneering innovation in the sector for over 40 years, FRI is an international agency, a lean and cross-functional model
bringing together the experience of its founder and the enthusiasm and fresh thinking of young talent.
Today, we manage some of the biggest and most influential brands in the world. We begin with the creative concept, conceiving a strategy, adapting to local markets and developing national and international campaigns.
Over the years, this journey has led us to experiment and follow new directions and approaches to implement our expertise, rooted in brand management and the creation of successful projects for our clients.


Guided by passion,

driven by creativity.


FRI began with a childhood dream. It all started with being curious and being drawn to the lights, ideas and creativity of the world of cinema. It is 1970 and a young boy plays between the tables in the restaurant of the family hotel in Capo Palinuro, in Southern Italy. Every year directors, actors, authors, technical staff and stagehands dine here after work, letting their hair down, talking, laughing and sharing ideas. At just ten years, the boy still doesn’t really understand this world of cinema, but thanks to one director, Ciro Ciampa, assistant to Vittorio De Sica, the seed of a true passion is sown.


Just a few years later, the boy’s dream is still developing, day by day. He feels that he has ideas to share. His creativity finds an outlet and using a shoe box and offcuts of old film he manages to build his first video projector. This is the start of a journey that will lead him to discover the world of cinema, fantasy and creativity. At his side is director Ciro Ciampa, an iconic figure but also a friend who supports his growth in the world of visual communication.


Our young boy continues step by step in the world of images and creativity. Now he grasps a Super8 film camera in his hands. And nothing could give him more pleasure. He knows that it can be used to create truly inexplicable, magical moments. Any old street can become a set, a scene can take shape anywhere and a group of friends is transformed into a cast. So, with just the atmosphere of the backdrop and a few people, his first cinematic shorts come to life.


The film camera is no longer enough on its own. As he grows, the boy feels an urge to experiment with new forms of visual communication. He doesn’t abandon the camera but discovers another passion in the form of photography. With his Kodak Instamatic camera he finds another type of magic: fixing points in time, stealing moments forever. Distilling the infinite into a single fragment of time. Using his imagination, his creativity and his camera, he is able to express ideas and give a voice to the photograph without saying a word. His pictures tell the story of a generation that turns its back on everything grey, abandoning black and white, and beginning to discover a world of colour.


Colour photography is an innovation that captures everybody’s imagination. And the boy continues to imagine, experiment and invent. This bubbling, eager creativity leads him to build a camera obscura, a laboratory for new creations. In the meantime, during military service in Naples, he again encounters one of the key figures in his life, the director Ciro Ciampa. He involves him in his projects and he becomes an assistant to the director, accompanying him on visits to the Rai television company, variety shows, footballs grounds and news programmes. In this environment, he encounters numerous professionals: cinematographers, set designers, costume designers and journalists.


It is 1980 and he decides to organise his first event, employing all of his passion, inventive thinking and creativity. In the town square the public waits in silence… he is a dreamer, focused on creating something new and innovative that will astound the audience. He starts the projection and, while he waits, he tries to get an idea of the reactions of those in attendance. And in this moment he discovers the magic of those smiles, the faces of children and adults lighting up.


Playtime is over and he begins to study and really experiment. This is a wonderful time. He spends his weekends working, keeping busy and searching for new ideas. This is how he will become a professional. He starts very young, and even if he takes a while to find his way, his expertise stands out. He enters the jet-set world of fashion with his photography, which is creative, conceptual and never mundane. And this leads to his initial successes: his first awards. On one of his first trips to New York, he gets to know an American advertising photographer. It is an uphill struggle… but this doesn’t worry him.


His talent doesn’t go unnoticed and that little boy has now become a true professional. After the world of fashion, he turns again to cinema. And he never stops experimenting. Framed shots, tracking and close-ups. Stills and shots. A whirlwind of emotions. A windmill of images. He continues to work with Ciro Ciampa, the one who taught him to see things before doing them, how to visualise an idea before turning it into reality.


He starts work as a unit stills photographer for the film Vacanze d’Estate after an exciting call from director Ninì Grassia. While working on the film, he stays close to the direction team, trying to learn as much as possible from the professionals. Alongside Ninì Grassia, he meets and works with some important figures: Enzo Cannavale, Bombolo, Patrizia Pellegrino and Saverio Vallone. He directs the still photography, telling the story of how the film is made.


Our young professional is now an adult. Despite having made quite a name for himself, he remains a dreamer at heart. Our dreams never fade. For him, cinema and photography are not a destination but a starting point. He discovers a new language in the world of advertising. This leads him to start experimenting with new methods of communication. Our young professional begins to find success in this field as well, thanks to his innate ability to make images speak to the viewer. With just a couple of computers, a graphic designer and a copywriter he opens his first graphic design studio and in less than a decade it has become a cutting-edge communication agency.


Today, this small media agency is an international organisation with operations all around the world. FRI continues to live and grow thanks to a lifetime of experience, great vitality, a dream and the new ideas of young creatives.






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